I have decided to focus on three specific peoples beta videos as I found these three very diverse within each others, and feel as though the advice I gave each of my peers, impacted my own development of my digital artefact and allowed myself to see what I need to improve and change within the next couple of weeks for my own digital artefact. 

The first peer beta post in which i commented on was Amy, she created both a blog post and a YouTube video which informed her viewers about what her digital artefact is, what she has changed and what she will be conducting within the next couple of weeks. Amy’s beta video was very well put together, however, I feel as though she could of touch up on more lecture recordings and readings, I tried to do my own research and look for an article or lecture recording she could include within her digital artefact, however I could not find a strong link. I decided to conduct my own research for Amy and supply her with a couple of articles online to improve her digital artefact and how to create her own business with a few easy steps and how to conduct a great interview. I feel as though Amy’s beta presentation was great. 


The second Peer’s beta post in which I commented on was Sean’s, i also commented on Seans pitch post, which did benefit this comment in numerous ways, as I had more background information on his digital artefact. Within Seans post, I state both negative and positives aspects that I was able to gather, I included two different lecture recordings in week 4 and week 5 which Sean could possibly include within his digital artefact to improve its connect to our subject. I also go into detail about an article in which I was able to supply him in his blog 2  which covers his topic on how to become a social media manger. I really enjoyed Seans beta video and his digital artefact idea. 


The final beta post in which I commented on was James’, I also commented on James’ pitch in our last assignment, just like Seans this gave me more of a background of his digital artefact. I thoroughly enjoyed James’ beta video as he covered all topics and he showcased what he was doing wrong and what he did right. He also covered lecture recordings and readings, which I found very interesting. I also supplied James with another article that he can use later on within his digital artefact as it focuses on his topic. 


In conclusion, after writing these comments, I feel as though I could of improved my own beta video, however I am now able to improve my digital prefect by really focusing more on lecture recordings and readings and by changing little details within my digital artefact. I also believe I need to critique the showcasing of m y digital artefacts videos as they are not very aesthetically pleasing and can be improved.   


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